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jumpy = jumper

cardy = cardigan  

drinkies = alcohol  

pandy = hand

I-keem = ice cream

spuddy duddies = potatoes

roon = rabbit

booon = bunny

pickling = raining

pics &


Orsen is one of  two bears born in Build-a-Bear, Singapore where he spent his earliest weeks exploring his homeland before moving on to such exotic locations as Hawaii, San Francisco and Heathrow airport; finally ‘landing’ in his new home to a raucous welcome from all.

Proud as he is of his origins, he’s embarrassed to say that he’s actually forgotten his birth name in all the ‘travelling’ confusion. He thinks his name is Orsen, but it could easily be something as simple as ‘Patch’ - which seems reasonable given his various multi-coloured patches…

friends - bears with backgrounds


Here’s the second bear rescued from Singapore Build-a-Bear. Obviously he followed the same meandering route home, but settled in thereafter without any issues. Like Orsen, he’s wearing a Hawaiian necklace. Picked up on his stop off there.

This is Enfield, an energetic, exercising sort of bear who also originated in Singapore.

So, 2007 was certainly a year to remember from a ‘bear influx’ point of view…