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jumpy = jumper

cardy = cardigan  

drinkies = alcohol  

pandy = hand

I-keem = ice cream

spuddy duddies = potatoes

roon = rabbit

booon = bunny

pickling = raining

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pics & poems - an intro

I seldom thought of teddy bears

Mere children's toys, just cloth and hair

But then one day at 41

I bought a chap called Fluffy Tum.

In truth his name is strange indeed

Though not as strange as ‘Tumbleweed’

Ostensibly a glove pup-pet

FT was nothing like a muppet

A rabbit with a bent right ear

He neither spoke nor raised a sneer

Instead expressions were his means

To make me understand his dreams

His whims proved simple as whims go

To rescue those beset by foes

‘Go forth, collect more bears,’ willed he

‘Yes, save them from all would-be thieves’

From savage dogs and kids that heave

I must give hope, make them believe

Thus I did as I was bid

And bought five bears for 20 quid

Onward then, I travelled far

Until Japan that land of cars

Where I discovered Arfa Bear

FT's mentor, friend and heir

All shapes and sizes came my way

Including all the waifs and strays

Those trapped in windows, left on shelves

Rhinos, lions and even elves

Made in China, some made here

It didn't matter, cheap or dear

Each day their numbers grew, then oh!

The problem now was where they'd go

My house was small, it would not do

What I needed was a zoo

But then in Yorkshire, White Rose Land

I bought 'The Lodge' and could expand

So now we live as one big clan

A happy group of bears and man

Still no one speaks or ever groans

And, thank God, no one needs a phone

By means unknown our thoughts combine

So every soul has peace of mind

And though it's surely sounds insane

We like old films and play odd games

Of course the bears don't eat or drink

But then again I sometimes think

That when each day it comes ‘that’ time

I think, through me, they quite like wine

You may perceive my task is done

The journey's end, a time for fun

Yet bears abound round every bend

And lest they’re safe, there'll be no end

To save them all - a worthy goal

But how, you cry and at what toll?

Good questions both, but I don't know

I'll just keep going, enjoy the show

And what if I collect yet more?

Then I'll be camping on the floor

But wait, I see the TV's gone

The bears are up, Ms Spears is on


How it all began…

Arfa Bear


a real roon