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jumpy = jumper

cardy = cardigan  

drinkies = alcohol  

pandy = hand

I-keem = ice cream

spuddy duddies = potatoes

roon = rabbit

booon = bunny

pickling = raining

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A Real Roon

A Roon is not a real Roon

Unless he’s eating cheese

Great big chunks of smelly stuff

That makes you want to heave

If he keeps it in the fridge

You might reduce the pong

But frankly there’s a better chance

Of purchasing Hong Kong

A Roon is not a real Roon

Unless he’s eating beans

Big tomato, squashy muck

He’ll sometimes eat with greens

If you plonk a sausage in

You’re sure to be the best

Be careful, though, of brown sauce

Or he’ll make a holy mess

A Roon is not a real Roon

Unless he’s swigging booze

Pints of sherry, wine with coke

He’s drunk – no, it’s a ruse

Watch out for frowns, pouts and sulks

This means he’s after more

Come five o’clock he’s at the door

By six he’s on the floor

A Roon is not a real Roon

Without his Bangers, dear

You’ll never coax him from his hole

Or tempt him with new gear

He’ll mope about, refuse to eat

And drag along his ears

So best make sure the Banger’s near

Then Roons will last for years

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