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jumpy = jumper

cardy = cardigan  

drinkies = alcohol  

pandy = hand

I-keem = ice cream

spuddy duddies = potatoes

roon = rabbit

booon = bunny

pickling = raining

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friends - Charlie Bears

We discovered Charlie Bears at the very beginning of their evolution while browsing in an ‘odd place to find bears’ in Harrogate. Not the usual haunt of the bear explorer, we have to admit, so it was a serendipitous find. So early on, as it was, these first three Charlie Bears had not been officially named, so we decided on Salvador, Faithful and Origami..

We’ve come across many a Charlie Bear since then, as you will see from the following pages, but we can’t say that we are avid collectors. They do seem to ‘pop up’ on special occasions, though, or when an intrepid bear explorer ventures into pastures new; and as the years have passed so has their number grown…


Inklings that a Charlie Bear emporium existed somewhere in the heart of North Yorkshire came to our attention during an official visit to the grand medical facility named after the famed British explorer James Cook. There we discovered Peyton, who stood out above all the other bears - being, in reality, a standing sort of bear: the first we’d ever come across. Thus an expedition was arranged to scout the area… … …

Salvador Faithful Origami